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About Ikonoklast

Who we are. What we do

Ikonoklast is a graphic design, illustration and eLearning development agency based in Hove, UK. Its core team has many years' experience designing and developing presentations for both screen and print. We pride ourselves on rigorous attention to detail in delivering exceptional graphical content on time and on budget.

Our HTML5 eLearning courses and assessments combine stunning graphics with innovative techniques to deliver engaging, immersive, enjoyable and, ultimately, effective learning content that develops and measures knowledge and competence, whatever the subject matter. They are also fully responsive and SCORM compliant for delivery on multiple platforms and devices.

We have developed eLearning programs covering a wide range of subject matter including water treatment and recycling, health and safety, environmental awareness, safety management systems, dangerous goods awareness, competition law, data protection, cyber security and asset management.

Multilingual?? Aber natürlich, darling! See our 'Localisation' section below.

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Invasive Non-Native Species


Ikonoklast is delighted to have been chosen by the Check Clean Dry Biosecurity Partnership, a collaboration between UK government, water companies and third party organisations, to deliver an eLearning course on the threat posed by Invasive Non-Native Species in the UK.

The course seeks to raise awareness of key species and pathogens found on our shores, the impact they are having and the legislation in place for their control. It also highlights the importance of effective biosecurity and the measures we can all take to prevent the spread of these species and pathogens.


Ozone released

When we hear the term 'the ozone layer' we think of something that keeps us safe. Ozone itself, however, is less benign than you might think. In fact, it's quite nasty.

It's also used during water treatment, and Anglian Water asked us to provide an eLearning course and assessment on how it's created, applied and then destroyed all onsite... and how to stay safe whilst doing it.



With over thirty years' experience in the field of art and design, Ikonoklast designers have picked up at least a modicum of knowledge about how to paint a pretty picture.

Times have changed of course. Where once were paint, pen, canvas and paper now stand mouse, stylus, tablet and screen - usually, not always.

Water Disinfection


A lot of work goes in to making our water safe to drink. And if you're asked to provide the eLearning on the subject, well, that's also a lot... a LOT of work.

Ikonoklast was commissioned by Anglian Water to design and build an engaging, immersive and comprehensive HTML5 eLearning package with a study time of around 2½ hours, covering all aspects of Water Disinfection.

Graphic design miscellany


Behold... random missives from the graphical front line.

Sometimes the word 'illustration' doesn't quite manage to describe the work we do accurately. So here are a few examples of other things we've been doing.

Abstract backgrounds for presentations, 3D modelling, character design, poster design, websites, and good old fashioned art for art's sake.


Today your love...

Ikonoklast can provide complete localisation, internationalisation and globalisation services for its work, to make your product a truly global one.

Our localisation project managers and translators have earned their stripes in one of the most competitive and time critical industries in the world - the games industry.

Through intelligent use of translation memory technologies such as Trados, and rigorous terminology management, we can ensure consistency throughout your project and guarantee time and cost effectiveness.